We are Caster.
And now Caslite as well.

After more than 50 years of hard work and continuous expansion, we consider ourselves the most experienced in our field. Likewise, we are the most trend-setting company since we have never put a stop in innovation, investigation and development. Today we export to more than 40 countries and our products are present all around the globe.

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CASLITE commitment
The future is in our roots.

We look to the future without forgetting out commitment with you and the pride we have in our roots. The use of our products by our clientele gives the added tranquility on using articles you may rely on as they assure the highest quality standard and service provided by a leading factory here or anywhere else in the world. Behind each of our CASLITE developments there are so many hours of investigation and trials, the work of many professional experts applying the most avant-garde and excellent raw materials which guarantee the efficiency of our products and respect of the environment.

Somos Caslite. Somos Cáster
Somos Caslite. Somos Cáster
Somos Caslite. Somos Cáster
Somos Caslite. Somos Cáster