Global Service

The experience, innovation and out compromise with quality have made CASLITE to grow constantly during these 55 years, making our products to reach new markets. This growth demands our best and demands us to have the capacity to evolve, reach new goals and look for future challenges. Flexibility, capacity to react and fast service are a must in today’s globalised market demands.

Reaching to a global market requires a careful logistic strategy with strategic spots where we would be close to our clients, ready at all times to satisfy their orders quickly and efficiently. CASLITE’s biggest assets are its two production facilities, located in Elche (Spain) and Guangzhou (China).

In these two factories we create our own exclusive designs and develop all our product range of articles, each day with more references and more differentiated lines of articles. From there our rubber sheets leave to all four cardinal points.

In order to guarantee a service which fulfill the requested delivery terms and adjusted to the customer’s timing, we have branches, warehouses and agents present throughout the five continents in such a way that from the moment an order is placed our logistic network starts to function and coordinates perfectly all its parts and processes involved so that the products reaches the customer’s hands in the shortest time possible.

Wherever you are, whichever your country is, you can be sure that CASLITE will give you the expected service, the one that distinguishes our brand and make us walk together to any corner of the world.