Responsibility is the path.

Quality is born from compromise. With our clients and with the planet. Therefore we scrupulously apply all environmental protection and conservation protocols demanded globally.

We implement new technologies in the extraction and production of rubber relying on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The use of sustainable and ecological means are absolutely respectful with nature, habitats and exploitation areas. Likewise, we keep active programs of action, reforestation and regeneration of the used areas. Because we know positive actions today will return a better future for all tomorrow.

These same ecological protocols are the ones we apply in the different production phases in our factories in Elche (Spain) and Guangzhou (China): manufacturing, emissions, waste recycling, etc, …

In these factories we create our exclusive designs and develop all our product catalogue, adding new references each day and new differentiated lines. In this way, we control at all times the production process, without external agents and we know exactly how we are acting environmentally.

Only first quality raw materials are used to produce CASLITE products. Thanks to our technological advance, we include recycled materials coming from our own product waste therefore reusing it and minimizing harm to the environment and applying thus a circular sustainable process. Betting on the technological leadership helps us to be more efficient and therefore reduce environmental impact thanks to the re-use of our own waste.

This is the CASLITE compromise with the environment, products collaborating with a sustainable environment, PVC and hazardous substances free. A compromise for which we are proud of, contributing in a small way to preserve nature.

In CASLITE we want to walk on a day by day better world, …