Our floorings have no limits.

Our experience and continuous research and development allow us to present, within the CASLITE products, an original and wide range of floorings ideal for any type of spaces or uses: general use, sports and safety floorings. All of them studied under the most strict quality controls and tested under actual existent norms, thus guaranteeing their safety and resistance to all kind of uses.

CASLITE offers a very versatile modular flooring system, applicable over different kind of indoor and outdoor surfaces.

In the manufacturing of the Caslite products only first quality raw materials are used. Thanks to the last technological advances, we include recycled materials our own products, in a circular process ecologically responsible. This is the CASLITE commitment to the environment with products that work together to create a sustainable environment, free of PVC and toxic substances.

Our customers have access to floorings with a wide variety of finishes and textures, suitable for every need. Non-slip floorings, resistant to the passage of rolling elements, transit of persons, even with resistance to greases and other chemical agents. The versatility of the the CASLITE products allows their use in an infinite number of spaces, with multiple applications.

Thanks to having stock at all times of a wide variety of colors, we can commit ourselves to deliver the product at an amazing speed to our customers, who require a fast response to their urgent needs.

For decorative applications, we offer an interesting range of possibilities with various types of textures which stand out for their originality, imitating the nobility of natural products, combining quality, practicality and aesthetics.

By order, we may customize any color or size, and even apply to our flooring the logo or corporate element requested by our customer, covering everything down to the last detail.

Caslite - Stock permantente

We keep stock of products for a fast service.
We have the ability to offer customization of our products.